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AMP from AmpifyMe can boost your Shopify store

The AMP is a must have for mobile e-commerce. It's a technology that will make your store consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms.

Maximize sales using AMP

By using AmpifyMe AMP, you are able to deliver awesome AMP experience to your users. With faster loading times, many retailers see higher conversions and higher engagement when using AMP. We've seen that users are more willing to return to an e-commerce site that performs well. Whether you're a smaller store or a larger marketplace, AmpifyMe AMP can help you make the sale.

Easily design & update your AMP pages from anywhere.

Update your AMP pages in real-time using familiar editor.

Multi theme support

Our editor supports wide range of AMP themes with different options based on the theme.

Custom theme support

We also have the option of bringing your great looking theme to AMP with all the features supported in our editor.

LightifyMe desktop view

Powerful features

Our AMP app offers some very neat capabilities.

Custom branded

Make customers feel at home with a custom theme that matches your existing site. Be recognized.

Highly customizable

AmpifyMe AMP is highly customizable, and if we forgot something important, let us know and we'll add it right away.

Blazing fast

We are caching generated AMP pages all over the world, which makes your pages load near instantly, giving users a smooth, more engaging experience.

AMP from AmpifyMe offers a lot of features
Easy to set up

AmpifyMe AMP will work the moment you install the app.

SEO heaven

Google is showing AMP optimized pages on mobile at the top as a carousel. So now shoppers can see an image of your product as well.

Store booster

Get an increase in mobile visits and more conversions from mobile devices. Boost the site's organic performance without having to spend money on ads.

What our customers say

Read what others say about AmpifyMe AMP.

Shopify Store

Great application, highly recommend. I have seen traffic through my site increase by 30% in the last week alone!

Rhed Shoppe
Shopify Store

Simple and easy to use you don't need more effort in doing things specially if you are busy and beginner, great app indeed.

Shopify Store

I used this app to help me optimize and organize my newly opened store, I love it! I am very excited about the opportunity to grow my online business.

Shopify Store

This is exactly what I've been looking for. If you are still using a slow loading page, well power to you. I'm looking forward to the results.

Shopify Store

Such piece of a gold, very helpful and helpful and easy to use. Everything about is good even at free version.

How our app looks like

A quick preview of the most important functionalities.

Get started with AMP

We'll make sure your store is AMPified from now on.



per month
  • Unlimited AMP views and products
  • Links to your store
  • Powerful editor
  • Super fast pages
  • Sticky Add to cart
  • Buy it now



per month
  • All from Basic
  • AMP collection pages
  • Advanced analytics
  • 3rd party apps
  • 13 review integrations
  • Suggested products
  • AMP Validation

Small Company


per month
  • All from Hobbyist
  • Custom domain, pages on any url you want with CDN
  • Ampified blogs & Shopify pages
  • Home page support


from $499.99

per month
  • All from Company
  • Custom theme that matches your store style
  • Ampify any pages
  • Custom integrations
  • Priority support

Need more?

We have a plan prepared for big customers that need more.

Create awesome mobile-first experience for your customers